Monday, November 15, 2010

Rufus Rates Eno!!

Brian Eno
Small Craft on a Milk Sea

Well where do I start? This arrived today and I must confess... I ain't eard anything from this fella before. Dad told me he was in Roxy Music once and I like them so I gave it a go...

The music on this disc sounds all different to each other so I found it a bit weird at first but pretty soon it began to make some sense.

Track one - peaceful
Track two - spooky
Track three - still spooky
Track four - all whisky and bangin (Like it!)
Track five - wheeeee!
Track six - Easter Isand-like doom (A bit Phat Planet too)
and so on....

There is no theme or thread to follow as these were all improvisations (Yeah right!). There are lot's of twangs, bleeps and skips etc as one might expect. It's good too... but not anywhere as exciting as it should be. (Perhaps producing U2 and Coldplay stumps ones creativity a little).

I think for years people were chasing Mr Eno (I been reading up see) but now I feel like he's as part of the crowd as anyone.

Generally a worthwhile purchase but like a good pick n' mix... certain bit's are tastier than others.

Here are my faves



and here

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rufus Rates!

Been a while I know....

But I've been on holiday and stuff... Anyhow shut cakeholes because I'm back.

First up.
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Universal... I don't say)

Now i've never heard these before and I have to admit that it wasn't a choice of mine. Father spent about an hour in (whisper it) HMV looking for something to buy. Get this this... he was about to leave with nothing when he remembered that Uncle Nick said this was good so we bought it. And it is very good indeed. Like a steam-punk new wave Roy Orbison. Dad knows more about Arcade Fire than I do and he considers this to be their best album.
First track "The Suburbs" is all rinky dinky piano and travelling Wilburys drums and sets the tone nicely.
Second track sounds like Strokes go Goth which leads us to..... "Modern Man", a fabulous slow-burning earworm of a tune, conjures up the type of modern America that Springsteen left behind years ago. A Lynchian schizoid take on where do we stand in all of this? (If you get my drift).
I won't prattle on about every track on here but there isn't a single duffer amongst em, even though one song does sound a wee bit like Carter U.S.M. ("Half Light II). Heartstrings are pulled and torn as images drift by of a prefabricated, half lit world occupied by the disenchanted and obsolete.
THEN... it's all hope, hope and more hope...."Suburban War" comes on strong with the 12 string Byrdisms. Smiths-esque and Mamas and Papas-y in equal measure....... a beautiful song that makes even my baby hair stand on end, gorgeous and tragic, joyful and tearful. YEAH! the drums kick in, guitars crash. Waves of choirs, strings.... then....................!?
And this is only half way through.

The great success of this record is that at even 16 tracks you don't want it end. There is even time for some disco on "Sprawl II". We enjoyed shaking our rumps to that one, I can tell ya.

Overlong? no.
Samey? no.
Just brilliant.

Simply put.

Album of the year (probably)

And now onto something altogether different and fun.

Tweak Bird - S/T (Souterrain Transmissions)

ROCK! BASS! UGH! DRUMS! all played very loudly.... Zingzilla-tastic! Scared me witless when we first played it.Yes... I may have needed a nappy switch. Sounds like that band with the Nirvana fella in should do.
Stupid and fulla riffs. If Ozzy were californian (I don't know if these are) and 20 odd this is what he would be doing.

Warning.... May also contain freaky sax solos.

(More reason to buy I say)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rufus Rates...

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Dirty Shirt Rock n Roll

I needed my lug oles clearing out of all that drippy po faced nonsense that was insulting my ears in recent weeks.... I mean seriously, there was nowt of any much cop really was there? Any hoo I ordered Daddy to the local shops again on the pretence of getting me some fresh air (Yeah right) and we popped into Record Corner again and this is what we bought.


Contains all of the greatest bomb blasts on one album from the acclaimed punk blues funk power trio's first 10 years. Afro, Bellbottoms, Wail, Flavor, Futon shed Up (I'm not allowed to call that one by it's real name) and Chicken Dog are all featured on this 22 tracker.


Buy it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rufus Rates...

The National - High Violet
Ello again.

Been looking forwards to this. Just been to shops to buy this month's rate and am so excited I got my grown up to walk a bit faster so we could get home.

The National return with album number 6 and the quality control has been set high. Often compared to Elbow, Interpol and Editors (God knows why) The National are not a cheery bunch, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy their latest offering.
Lyrically there are some puzzling topics on show here but cos I'm only little I don't really know what he's on about.... but if High Violet were a film it would be played by Viggo Mortensen as there is a definite and stoic portrayal of everyday-ness at work here.
From the quietly building chords of Terrible Love; through the haunted calls of "I'm afraid of everyone" on the track of the same name to the knackered fuzz guitar on England a moving yet mournful celebration ensues. The album surprises as much as it sparkles.

All the right ingredients are present.. paranoia, restraint, grace and beauty. Just incredible!
Buy from here to wrap yourself in loveliness.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rufus rates Record Store Day

Ello, Long time no see! How time flys...

Anyhoo Record Store (shop) Day came and went and this is what I got.

LCD Soundsystem - Pow Pow

Brilliant! Need I say more. James grumbles dryly over a tightly wound new wave groove; as he always does. This is - was - a ltd one sided 12" which is still available in places. See Rough Trade first me thinks. Got this from Rise in Cheltenham... great shop. Bye bye Badlands.

MGMT - Siberian Breaks

My local record shop in Godalming (Record Corner) also celebrated RSD too. I popped in on Monday with my Daddy and he got this for me, a lovely marbled blue, laser etched B-side 12". Now, I heard their new album was not sposed to be any good BUT I do like this track. 12 or so minutes of Love influenced psyche. I like it.

The Oscillation - Future Echo

Rough Trade tweeted me yesterday bout this one. I don't know much about these chaps but I know there is a DC Recordings link somewhere. Bloody good Krautrock, drone pop. Seek it out as only 300 from here or here..

Answer to last post was... Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem. Who incidently my folks are off to see on Saturday hopefully.

And the winner was....... No-one! (Won't be doing that again will I?)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rufus Relaxes

New Feature...
Guess the mystery album title using the clues in the picture. Like a quiz innit? I'll award a copy of a fine "Sun Mix" compilation that I ran up earlier to anybody who guesses correctly.

Normal service will resume soon! Wanted Coconut by Archie Bronson Outfit.... Daddy needs to get it first.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rufus Rates...

Field Music - Measure -Memphis Industries

Hello again. I'm not too well at the mo... got a poorly tummy and botty thing.

So i'll make this quick.
After hearing the new single I was looking forwards to this one. It is a double album in the truest sense of the word as it has 2 cds with 20 tracks all together. Not sure there is a concept or owt, if there is I can't spot it. It has very prog-pop leanings and a 70's ELO production to it. Takes a wee bit of getting used to but isn't as odd as it may sound.
Every listen helps make more sense of the album. Tis akin to going on a pushchair journey to the shops. I didn't know how to get to the local shops at first but each trip out helps me to know what is coming up. Many twist and turns down different roads and avenues etc. The more I go, the more I know about what to expect. There isn't a duffer on here at all! There are many key changes and time signature changes as one would expect, which all helps to keep you (the listener) on your toes.

Go here to hear.

Very English, very literate but won't be very popular. A shame cos it is ace. Highly recommended if you like a good listen as it might not make much sense at first.

the only downside is the packaging (not a prob if you download). My little hands cannot quite the cds out of the digi pack thingy. Nevermind...That's what grown ups are for.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rufus rates....

Gil Scot Heron: I'm New Here. XL Recordings
Charlie Alex March: In The End. LOaf Recordings

He's says I'm new too, although he looks a little older than me. I was going to rate this a week or so ago but didn't because it came with some listening instructions (and I'm a stickler for doing things properly).

They read:

LISTEN TO IT FOR THE FIRST TIME UNDER OPTIMUM CONDITIONS.Not in your car or on a portable player through a headset. (OK..Dad fire up the separates!)

Take it home. (Check)

Get rid of all distractions, (even him or her). (Seems harsh...Mum! Dad! Be Gone!!)

Turn off your cell phone. (I don't have one)

Turn off everything that rings or beeps or rattles or whistles. (MY TOYS!!!!!)

Make yourself comfortable. (Just had a nappy change so should be ok)

Play your CD. (We're off)

LISTEN all the way through.(Done)

Think about what you got. (Here goes...stick with me)

"There Will Be Blood" is a fabulous film, really engrossing, fantastic performances, beautifully shot and realised. Most grown ups love it, my uncle specially. One of the best films I've seen (Although I wasn't allowed to see the scene with the bowling alley...and I love bowling.Ho-Hum...anyhoo...). My point is this. Will I ever watch it again? Probably not. Tis a fantastic example of how to make a great, great film but I've watched "The Gremlins" loads more; and will no doubt again. Back to those instructions.

Think about who would appreciate this investment. (Not sure really, Fans obviously)

Decide if there is someone to share this with.( Nope)

Turn it on again. (OK but I won't change my mind. EDIT:Nope)

Enjoy Yourself. (You are kidding ain't ya?)

I want to recommend this but alas I cannot . It's pretty difficult for me to rate as he is great and his voice sounds awesome. The sparse (Rubin meets Burial) production really suits the generally down beat and world weary feel of the worthwhile messages hidden within. Go to here to buy if you like to buy... And what do I know anyways. I'm only a baby.

PS. On more positive note daddy tried me on some Charlie Alex March. In particular, a cover of Daniel Jonhston's "True love will find you...". Nice enough. Simply sung with a natty little string arrangement, but the gem is a ditty called "When the clouds clear". Truly special and splendid in equal measure, ambient, woody, home-made, not lo-fi, gorgeous and lovely. This is a fantastic EP and a great taster of what is to follow on his debut (released about now me thinks).

Buy the EP here.

Cannot wait!

Need pocket money...

Shoot! I don't get any!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

These New Puritans - Hidden

Well.... Scared me a bit this. All rigid sounding and spooky words. After the soft classical opening of Time Xone it went all Bang bang. I'm only 5 months old and have not heard anything like this before. If Oliver Postgate made a series about a post-apocalyptic Croydon wasteland inhabited by Flumps.... This is the soundtrack.....but the Flumps would have to die. This is bleak doomy stuff which you could dance to only if you were mental. I'm not really making this sound like a recommendation am I? There is lot's of Philip Glass bits,Talk Talk bits, Burial bits, RZA bits bloody hell... now there are scary older children singing...Is this lift music for the Overlook hotel?


If you like the sound of this go here and have a listen. My daddy thinks this is brill (make of that what you will.

Dad put the F#@k Buttons back on cos that was wicked!