Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mercury Music Update!

I put money on

Hot Chip at 16-1 in the end.
Guillemotts at 5-1

Go on you Hot Chippers!
Make me rich!!

I bet Muse get it B******s!

Get get get!

Anything by

Love(see pic)
13 & Ghost
M Craft
TV on the Radio
Joan as Police Woman

Go here for examples

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Arthur Lee is free!


Arthur Lee, singer and guitarist of the influential 1960s band Love, has died in Memphis at the age of 61 following a battle with acute myeloid leukaemia.
A Memphis native who called himself the "first so-called black hippie", Lee formed Love in Los Angeles in 1965.

The multiracial band recorded three groundbreaking albums that fused rock, blues and psychedelia - the self-titled Love, Da Capo and Forever Changes.

In the 1990s Lee spent time in prison for illegal possession of a firearm.

But the singer made a triumphant comeback in 2002, touring the US and Europe with a new version of his classic band.