Monday, February 22, 2010

Rufus Rates...

Field Music - Measure -Memphis Industries

Hello again. I'm not too well at the mo... got a poorly tummy and botty thing.

So i'll make this quick.
After hearing the new single I was looking forwards to this one. It is a double album in the truest sense of the word as it has 2 cds with 20 tracks all together. Not sure there is a concept or owt, if there is I can't spot it. It has very prog-pop leanings and a 70's ELO production to it. Takes a wee bit of getting used to but isn't as odd as it may sound.
Every listen helps make more sense of the album. Tis akin to going on a pushchair journey to the shops. I didn't know how to get to the local shops at first but each trip out helps me to know what is coming up. Many twist and turns down different roads and avenues etc. The more I go, the more I know about what to expect. There isn't a duffer on here at all! There are many key changes and time signature changes as one would expect, which all helps to keep you (the listener) on your toes.

Go here to hear.

Very English, very literate but won't be very popular. A shame cos it is ace. Highly recommended if you like a good listen as it might not make much sense at first.

the only downside is the packaging (not a prob if you download). My little hands cannot quite the cds out of the digi pack thingy. Nevermind...That's what grown ups are for.

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