Tuesday, January 12, 2010

These New Puritans - Hidden

Well.... Scared me a bit this. All rigid sounding and spooky words. After the soft classical opening of Time Xone it went all Bang bang. I'm only 5 months old and have not heard anything like this before. If Oliver Postgate made a series about a post-apocalyptic Croydon wasteland inhabited by Flumps.... This is the soundtrack.....but the Flumps would have to die. This is bleak doomy stuff which you could dance to only if you were mental. I'm not really making this sound like a recommendation am I? There is lot's of Philip Glass bits,Talk Talk bits, Burial bits, RZA bits bloody hell... now there are scary older children singing...Is this lift music for the Overlook hotel?


If you like the sound of this go here and have a listen. My daddy thinks this is brill (make of that what you will.

Dad put the F#@k Buttons back on cos that was wicked!