Sunday, November 04, 2007

Burial - Untrue - Review

Burial returns from the underworld with a new album of excellence; only this time he has brought along the WD40.

I adore the first album and was waiting for this new one with both excitement and apprehension. In this day and age it takes something very special to tickle my fancy (fnar-fnar) and my fancy was tickled even before "Untrue" was available (thanks to the excellent Boomkat website). This album is an altogether much more upbeat listen; the beats are a lot more lubricated than on "Burial" and with this new spokey-dokeyness a less difficult work develops. The filmic vocal clips still permeate the proceedings and cover all in a gangsta Lynchian/Loach vibe. Throughout "Untrue" old skool ardcore's ghost moans mournfully ("Raver") with major chord sweeps filling the chest and lungs of each track, creating a more direct listen ("Near Dark"). Melody is in no short supply and the beats come on like a victorian wind-up dubstep machine. Bullet cases fall from the air onto cold stone floors, vinyl cracks and smoulders amid nostalgic memories of dances less commercial days. There are more vocals on the record but they compliment the sounds perfectly("Untrue"), being used themselves as instruments to add more colour to an already lush pallette. It is a fabulously romantic and welcoming record,one that is difficult to pin down with any real degree of accuracy. The Screamadelica for this generation has just arrived.

All bull-shit aside. This is a fantastic album that is getting better with each listen (Seven now).