Monday, November 15, 2010

Rufus Rates Eno!!

Brian Eno
Small Craft on a Milk Sea

Well where do I start? This arrived today and I must confess... I ain't eard anything from this fella before. Dad told me he was in Roxy Music once and I like them so I gave it a go...

The music on this disc sounds all different to each other so I found it a bit weird at first but pretty soon it began to make some sense.

Track one - peaceful
Track two - spooky
Track three - still spooky
Track four - all whisky and bangin (Like it!)
Track five - wheeeee!
Track six - Easter Isand-like doom (A bit Phat Planet too)
and so on....

There is no theme or thread to follow as these were all improvisations (Yeah right!). There are lot's of twangs, bleeps and skips etc as one might expect. It's good too... but not anywhere as exciting as it should be. (Perhaps producing U2 and Coldplay stumps ones creativity a little).

I think for years people were chasing Mr Eno (I been reading up see) but now I feel like he's as part of the crowd as anyone.

Generally a worthwhile purchase but like a good pick n' mix... certain bit's are tastier than others.

Here are my faves



and here

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