Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rufus Rates...

Peaking Lights - 936 - (Not Not Fun)

Ello chaps...
been a while ain't it? Oh well, been busy haven't I? baby stuff. Any hoo, time for the good stuff.

Three words. Kraut rock, dub, post-punk... Or four or five dependin. Let's try some more... Warpaint if they were proper mental!

My dad got this the other week and I haven't had much time for music, but as we were avin our bath the other night he put this on. Wasn't sure what to make of it at first. I thought it was a pair of hipsters trying to make a Lee Scratch Perry record.... It was. I continued to listen with trepidation. Things were looking up as other sounds washed around..... Joy Division here, Slits there, Stereolab under there, Suicide somewhere and Silver Apples up there. All these different sounds could have (and should have) sounded "try hard" but they mesh together beautifully.

Now a lot of people will say it sounds bad, the actual sound of it I mean. It definately is not Hi-Fi enthusiasts test record as it makes all speakers sound well whack. All levels are pushed up so things sound spat out. That is the point though... everything is out there, nothing gets swamped or played over, everything has it's place.

Buy it! but you... Yes you! won't like it though.

Heavy red level bass and not too fussed vocals with wheezing synths may be my bag after all.

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