Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moon Duo - Mazes & Wooden Shijps - West

Ello people... been a while...a long while since I adorned these pages. How are ye all? I'm cool... although I could do with a hair cut MUM!! Anyhoo... On with the witterings.

A pair of lovely purchases these.... apparently these bands have connections.... but hey? whatever. If you like basic (but good) tunes then these are for you. Wooden Shjips use a few more instruments than Moon Duo but the results are similar. Chugging Kraut-esque rock that sets it's sights on whatever is in front of it....And by that I mean it goes. Keyboards pootle away, drums do that bashing rythymically thing and guitars groan and stab in all the right places.
What makes it so much better than a lot of this type of sound is that each tune has a definite idea of what it is doing.... a persona if you like. Need more pointers... Spiritualized go punk. Clinic remove weird masks. Suicide go to the desert and go stoner rock. Stereolab on amphetamines. Some of these comparisons will suit one more than the other but if you like one you WILL like the other.
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