Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rufus Rates

Subway - Subway 2 - Soul Jazz Records

Good this! Matched my cardigan and everything. Sort of wobbly Kraut, DFA-ish dance stuff. Alright dad likes this type of thing and I have to say it is not normally my bag but this is different. The music on this disc seemed to have a purpose and direction not usually found on other such stuff like this. My fave track -Simplex- is an analogue fetishists dream (Whoa! what does that mean?) and purveyors of old synths will like to play "Guess the keyboard" while listening.
The only slight downside to this record is the production. As warm and dusty as it's all a bit close together. Now i'm no expert cos i'm only a baby but some distance between the low wobbles and high notes would have been very beneficial and resulted in a more dynamic listen. I also fell asleep by track 5 ..... Not in a bad way! Tis soothing stuff!

Gotta go... I've filled my nappy.

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