Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fluorescent Grey - Gaseous Opal Orbs

Right let's get this sorted. I'm not much of a fan of anything that presents itself as "science" as this cos what usually occurs is a terrible Future Sound of London-esque stinker so I was not looking forward to this one due to it's flabby Ufo-Orbish sounding title. I won't tell you the track titles as Pink Floyd may sue.

Also it said in the press release that it should be filed under "Strange Electronic Music" (??!!) or "Experimental" (Double ??!!) What isn't nowadays.

So I took a step back from the tie-dye packaging and dodgy wordplay (Like i can talk) and used my ears.

It's really lovely! It is not experimental cos it ain't improvised. The varied sounds are clipped, stretched and manipulated quite beautifully. The production is excellent and has that Kompact sound (The Field, Gui Borratta etc) though obviously not as kraut. The experience reminds me of Pantha Du Prince and the Animal Collective eating sherbert together with the Gescom crew barging in and necking lots of cheap wine. What a party!!

Lot's of sonic pieces all cleverley stitched together to create a warm, intriguing and rewarding listenable listen.

Fluorescent Grey - Gaseous Opal Orbs : Out 29Th Feb on Record Label Records

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible for something 'Future Sound of London-esque' to be a stinker?

I know what you mean though ;)